USA: “Trump can contribute to hemp reform with one stroke of a pen,” an influential politician states

Last week, an influential politician named John Yu, who served as US Attorney General under the George W. Bush Younger administration, told reporters that technically, President Trump could radically contribute to the movement of hemp reform “with one stroke of the pen,” and once and for all deciding the question of the federal status of a plant currently under strict ban. Simply put, Trump can sign an executive decree that, technically legalizes the consumption, marketing and production of recreational and therapeutic cannabis in the country, as a result, its provisions will provide the country with a regulated plant market until the country’s Congress discusses and accepts a full-fledged bill. about federal legalization.

As Mr. Yu points out, he is generally notorious for approving the use of “improved interrogation techniques” (that is, torture) against people suspected of terrorism, although the laws of the country are mainly determined by the legislature, the executive branch of the country, represented by The President and the Ministry of Justice have sufficient powers to adopt short-term reforms regarding the legal status of prohibited substances. In particular, according to Yu, the publication of the decree on the legalization of cannabis, will repeal the existing provisions of federal criminalization, in fact, allowing the regions to completely independently determine the status of cannabis on their territory.

“In fact, nothing prevents President Trump, or the Attorney General, William Barr, from announcing a decree repealing the ban on ABN for cannabis, which technically decriminalizes the plant at the national level until further Congress action is taken,” Mr. Yoo stated during conference of the Community of Supporters of Federalism, held at the end of last month at the Faculty of Law of the University of Berkeley.

According to Yoo, having adopted such a decree, the president not only formally recognizes the legitimacy of the already existing recreational and medical reforms in certain regions, but also gives Congress a significant impetus to actively consider bills aimed at creating a full-fledged, nationwide system for the distribution of legal hemp.

“At a minimum, therefore, the President, or the new head of the Ministry of Justice will be able to, at least, put an end to the dubious activity of DEA and other federal law enforcement agencies in the region have already legalized,”

– says Yoo

Although this proposal does not seem very realistic, we should not forget that Mr. Barr, recently approved by the Congress for the post of Prosecutor General, openly announced during the hearings about the appointment that he welcomes the consideration of federal reforms regarding the status of cannabis in the legislative assembly of s. In addition, we should not forget that Trump himself back in 2016, promised during his election campaign to support possible bills aimed at the federal legalization of medical marijuana. It is quite possible that with the latest changes in the composition of the Congress, as well as with a noticeable increase in public support for full legalization, the administration can seriously think about the possibility of carrying out reforms in a similar way, in order to attract votes during the next year’s presidential election campaign.

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