The effect of the cannabis plant.

Not everyone who uses marijuana or hashish craves for personal pleasure. For many patients with various medical conditions, using cannabis products improves health, or at least relieves suffering.

Not all hemp is created equal.

Cannabis is the Greek and Latin word for cannabis. The term cannabis has now become a technical term in scientific use to refer to cannabis containing psychotropic substances.

This refers to hemp, which contains THC. THC is an abbreviation for Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, the chemical name for the intoxicating active ingredient in cannabis.

Two types of cannabis have enough THC to produce intoxicants: “Cannabis sativa” and “Cannabis indica”.

Cannabis is a mild drug.

Narcotic drugs marijuana and hashish derived from hemp is one of the mild drugs. The states of intoxication that can occur with cannabis use vary. The “high” feeling caused by cannabis ranges from euphoria to depression, from thirst, relaxation, calmness to irritation, anxiety and depression.
Intoxication causes an altered perception of space and time, but cannabis intoxicant does not lead to physical dependence.

At the same time, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, overuse of cannabis can lead to psychological addiction with serious collateral damage, especially for young people:
“As with all drugs, certain consumption can lead to addiction to cannabis. Unlike alcohol or heroin, you cannot become physically addicted to cannabis.

However, if “smoking marijuana” becomes a habit and cannabis is used regularly for a long period of time, psychological addiction can develop. Signs of this are, for example: cannabis use is becoming an integral part of everyday life, and it is difficult to imagine living a day without “smoking weed”.

Nervousness, irritability and tension, anxiety and, under certain circumstances, depression when you stop using it, but also when you decide to quit or cut down on cannabis smoking but have failed.

By the way, smoking cannabis is no less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes, on the contrary. When you smoke a joint, you are swallowing at least four times as much tar as cigarettes because the smoke is inhaled deeper.

What is marijuana anyway?

The name of marijuana comes from the Mexican word “maraguanquo”, which in English is “intoxicating plant.” Marijuana is the name given to the dried and crushed flowers of the female hemp plant, which contain far more THC than male flowers.

Marijuana is mostly smoked as a tobacco additive, but it can also be dissolved in tea or cocoa, or consumed in cookies.

What is hashish?

The word “hashish” comes from Arabic and means “herb”. Hashish can also be smoked or eaten. Hashish is the name given to the sticky cannabis resin secreted by the glands of female cannabis plants.
To make the intoxicating substance easier to store and transport, hashish is pressed into plates. Hashish can be easily obtained due to the increased secretion of resin, especially in hot regions of the world.

Cannabis in medicine.

Aside from the controversial, hotly debated THC consumption of spent hemp as a stimulant, there is discussion about the drug administration of THC. The healing and sedative properties of THC have been known for thousands of years. However, legal use in medicine is only gaining momentum.

Cannabis is currently used in some cases as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotective agent. It is now known to be used for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, Tourette’s syndrome, rheumatism, chronic intestinal disease, and depression.

Cannabis products are thought to have a positive effect on many other diseases. However, medical research in this regard is still in its infancy – so far only a few clinical studies are available. Accordingly, the legalization of cannabis products for medical use has been slow.

The United States is one of the pioneers in the medical field, with over 20 states permitting its use with medical advice or prescription.

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