About the effects of CBD coffee.

CBD can be consumed in many different forms. The product range ranges from creams, tinctures, oils and chocolate to coffee. Basically, CBD is known for its calming effects, caffeine has the exact opposite effect. The question to be considered here is whether CBD makes sense in coffee.

A trendy drink in the USA.

CBD coffee originated in the US. As CBD oils and other drugs became more and more popular, more cafes specialized in CBD have opened over time. At the moment, it is impossible to determine the exact moment in time, the development changed from state to state. However, the Seattle debuts started relatively early.

A company based there called Trichome already offered cannabis-based coffee in 2014. At the time, drinks were still psychoactive as they didn’t just contain CBD. However, over time, food laws became more stringent, until at some point they could no longer be sold. At this point, the cafe decided to introduce people to the benefits of CBD.
The Grön Café in Oregon pioneered this movement. This cafe claims to be America’s first licensed CBD cafe. The facility opened in 2018 to bring people closer to CBD, according to owner Christine Smith. At Grön Cafe, you must learn to get the best CBD effects.

German companies did not miss this opportunity either. The first cannabis cafe called Cannameleon opened about a year ago in Würzburg. First, you had to write a doctor’s prescription to get the delicious coffee.

Dance of CBD and caffeine.

The CBD case study itself is full of holes. Accordingly, less data can be found on how caffeine and CBD interact with each other. In any case, a study by the Journal of Internal Medicine showed that the physiological backgrounds of CBD and caffeine are similar, meaning they activate the same mechanisms in the brain. All neurotransmitters associated with the endocannabinoid system are found in reduced quantities after four to eight cups of coffee a day. After using cannabis, the result will be exactly the opposite.

In addition, the interaction of these two substances creates the problem that doses are critical. In small amounts, CBD has a stimulating effect, in large amounts it is already hypnotic. With caffeine, symptoms such as palpitations or tremors of the fingers occur even after higher doses. Accordingly, the combination of CBD and caffeine works differently when taken at different doses.

Fortunately, there are now several case reports to rely on. Drinking CBD coffee is often reported to weaken the effects of caffeine. Symptoms such as palpitations and trembling fingers no longer occur, but the person feels more alert. So, while you develop ailments from excessive doses of caffeine, this is exactly the effect that CBD weakens. This is compared to THC and CBD interactions, where CBD also reduces the worst aspects of THC.

How to make CBD coffee?

Making coffee like this isn’t rocket science, you just need your favorite coffee and the appropriate CBD oil. Then you simply add your desired dose of CBD to the coffee and then drink. In the best case scenario, you add CBD to the coffee when it has cooled down so that it evaporates as little as possible. The taste does not change much, the coffee is a little more oily and bitter, although this is purely a habit. Flavors or other additives also have a positive effect on taste.

If not, you can also brew coffee with THC, but the process is more complicated and does not require more detailed consideration at this stage. In any case, CBD coffee has been shown to be especially beneficial for those who are sometimes caffeine intolerant. Caffeine and CBD alone have the best qualities.

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