50 facts about cannabis.

There is a lot of talk about cannabis. A lot of good and a lot of bad. We thought we would talk frankly. Here are 50 facts about cannabis!

  1. Cannabis contains many important nutrients, so it is beneficial to health and can be used by the body for a variety of processes.
  2.  The active ingredient in cannabis is called tetrahydrocannabiol (THC).
  3.  Cannabis contains antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory substances. This is, so to speak, Buscopan, Aspirin and Voltaren rolled into one.
  4.  Cannabis changes perceptions. The sensations become more intense. First of all, hearing and sight are enormous.
  5.  Cannabis affects everyone differently, so research is difficult to interpret. A fact that plays into the hands of those who oppose cannabis.
  6.  The THC from cannabis is primarily inhaled through smoking. This is how it travels to the lungs and then to the bloodstream and brain.
  7.  A ban on cannabis is often justified by the lack of evidence of harmlessness or health. Do we know different studies? Hmmm. Or their results? Hmmm … Well, what is not researched cannot be proven. And when the results of an investigation disappear in a secret box or in a shredder, then this argument is difficult to refute.
  8.  Cannabis affects spatial perception and reaction speed. So it shouldn’t be consumed before driving. Cannabis use is also very unfavorable when working with heavy machinery.
  9.  Cannabis is not illegal or condemned in North Korea. This is where the lack of communication with the Western world, and with the Eastern world, pays off.
  10.  Cannabis stimulates appetite and thirst. Therefore, unlike other intoxicants, one should not forget about these life processes. This is one of the reasons why cannabis cannot cause any dangerous conditions for the body.
  11.  After alcohol, cannabis is the most widely used “drug” in the world.
  12.  Cannabis is a popular livestock feed in Bhutan. It is used, among other things, for fattening pigs.
  13.  Cannabis overdose is not possible. Unlike alcohol, there can be no symptoms of poisoning.
  14.  Cannabis is officially and naturally used in medicine in other countries and regions, for example, for cancer, arthritis and trauma.
  15.  Tutankhamun is considered the most potent cannabis strain.
  16.  The ban on cannabis was introduced in the United States at the beginning of the last century, which excludes arguments of reason as such.
  17.  Hemp has always been cultivated as a useful crop and has been used to make clothing, paper, dishes, in industry and for the production of medicines.
  18.  The golden age of shipping, exploration and importation would not have been possible without hemp. Because all the sails, ropes and fabrics for ships are made from this beneficial plant. Even the sailors’ uniforms were made from hemp fiber.
  19.  Two and a half million Germans regularly smoke weed.
  20.  Cannabis can cause fits of intense laughter. THC frees the brain from blockages, which can lead to seemingly unwarranted or exaggerated bouts of vigor.
  21.  George Washington was an inveterate stoner. George W. Bush is probably more of an alcoholic.
  22.  Humans have natural cannabinoid receptors in the brain and the rest of the body.
  23.  Under certain circumstances, cannabis can cause psychological dependence. However, to date, there is no evidence or evidence of any physical dependence. And psychological dependence is also associated with the fact that you want to leave everyday life behind. It is doubtful that other addictions would not have arisen otherwise.
  24.  Cannabis increases the current emotional state. With anxiety and depression, this can lead to problems under certain circumstances.
  25.  Cannabis can only lead to psychosis if you have a predisposition. People with a fairly stable mental structure should not be afraid of these side effects.
  26.  The word “grass” comes from the Arab region and means something like “joy” and “pleasure”.
  27.  It has been proven that cannabis is not a drug. Now it has been scientifically proven many times over.
  28.  Oil, silk, paint and paper are also derived from hemp as a beneficial plant, so these industries will continue to enforce the ban on industrial hemp.
  29.  The use of cannabis as a beneficial plant is also prohibited due to the perceived risk of confusion.
  30.  The first documented medicinal use of cannabis dates back to around 3000 BC. Even in the Middle Ages, it was a panacea for many, sometimes very different diseases.
  31.  In the past, cannabis was given as burial implements so that the dead could find a more convenient way to heaven / other realms.
  32.  Cannabis can increase anxiety, but euphoria can also ensue.
  33.  Cannabis replaced opium as a pain reliever in the 19th century.
  34.  Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal “drug”.
  35.  Harry Anslinger – came up with a theory according to which smoking marijuana entails outbreaks of gratuitous violence and irresistible sexual arousal, becomes the cause of criminal offenses, including murder, committed in a drugged state.
  36.  The use of cannabis slows down thinking and also slows down speech. It may seem strange to outsiders, but it should be so. Unlike drinking alcohol, you can at least speak clearly here.
  37.  Most strains have experienced significant increases in THC levels in recent years. Common varieties contain up to 20%.
  38.  Marijuana is “herb” which means flowers and leaves of the female cannabis plant. Hashish is the resin of the hemp plant, so it is more sticky and more effective.
  39. 10% of 15-year-olds have already used cannabis. However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be higher, as will the number of regular users. By the way, consumers can be found in all age groups and population groups.
  40.  The two main types of cannabis are called Sativa and Indica. Sativa makes you high, Indica makes you high.
  41.  Currently, on the black market you have to shell out an average of 10 euros per gram of cannabis.
  42.  Around 1900, 80% of paper was still made from hemp. And not only ordinary paper, but also banknotes.
  43.  In Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, possession of cannabis faces the death penalty.
  44.  Cannabis can also be eaten and drunk. Then the effect comes later than with smoking, but lasts longer. You can also enjoy the delicious cookie flavor.
  45.  Cannabis contains no less than 85 different substances, none of which directly harm the body, but on the contrary, some of them are very beneficial.
  46.  ​​Cannabis affects the subjective sense of time. This means that time usually flows more slowly. But you can also say that a lot happens in seconds, which are then perceived as hours.
  47.  Cannabis used in a hookah works very quickly.
  48.  Cannabis was first fatal in 2014. In two deaths (cardiac death), it was possible to prove that the persons concerned had previously consumed. Great success for the cannabis-banning caste. However, at some point, this chance encounter had to happen. After all, how many heartbreaking people have eaten chocolate, chips, or even salad or apples before? But here no one would feel the connection.
  49.  Unlike alcohol, cannabis is not a substance foreign to our body. As you know, we do not have receptors for alcohol hormones.
  50.  The scent is grown.

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